Carl Rothenberg, L.Ac.
3520 Hughes Ave #305
Los Angeles, Ca. 90034

Curriculum Vitae


M.O.T.M.        Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, California            
                       Traditional  Oriental Medicine. 

B.A.                University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.  Biology, Psychology,      
          Exercise Sports Medicine.

     EMT-1A           UCLA Emergency Medical Technician Certification Training, 
                             Los Angeles, California. 


Owner/Operator: Acupuncture/Herbal Prescription Office - Beverly Hills

Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Medical Acupuncture, Korean Hand, Auricular and Zhu Scalp Method  

Traditional Herbal Prescription; Chinese raw herb formulation and patent medicine prescription, phytoceutical formulation, and nutritional supplementation and counseling 

Alternative Therapies;, Aromatherapy and Homeopathic Medicine

Massage: Penchak Silat Authentic Lineage Traumatology, Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports Medicine, Lomi Lomi, Medical Tui Na, Japanese Hara and Structural Adjustment

Educational: Community information lectures series on women issues, sexuality and Traditional Oriental Medicine’s perspective on psychological health, emotional balance and well-being.

    Complementary Medicine Clinic: Acupuncturist, Dental Anesthesia and general TCM medicine, Dr. Bill Kellas, Encinitas, California

     Member of Sports Medicine Team, National Aerobic Championships, Irvine, California

     Private Practitioner worked in conjunction Dr. Rujin Tsai, Veterinary Equine Acupuncture, Carlsbad, California. 

     Private Practitioner, worked in conjunction with Dr. Keith Jeffers, Sports
	Chiropractic Therapy, San Diego, California. 

    On-call Practitioner, Derhands Traveling Spa, 
Santa Monica, California.

     Private Practitioner, presently working in conjunction with 
	Dr. Alan Letgolts, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Los Angeles, California. 

     USC Women’s Outpatient Clinic provided medical services for OB/GYN related issues, Santa Monica, California

     Referral practitioner for UCLA Chronic Pain Clinic Dr. Tony Nyerges providing acupuncture and herbal prescription to patients who were unresponsive to pain medication treatment, Los Angeles, California.

     Provided Medical services for the United States Olympic Track and Field Team and ASICS sponsored Athletes, Atlanta, Georgia. 

     Provided Integrative Sports Medicine treatment for the 1992 and 1995 Champion World Cup Sailing Team as well as athletes of the New Zealand ENZA Around the World Catamaran.

     Family Medicine and Sports Rehabilitation, worked in conjunction with Dr. ‘s Lowenberg and Tirsch, Woodland Hills, California. 

    Worked in conjunction with 25 year veteran surgical assistant and master esthetician Maria DeSio treating pain, inflammation and accelerating the healing process for Plastic surgery patients, Beverly Hills, California.


     Private training facility for minor league athletes; provided introductory demonstration with minor league baseball player increasing muscle contractile strength by 35% in fifteen minutes, San Diego, California. 

     Formulator for “Chee Loo Products” R & D Company; worked in conjunction with Dr. Rujun Tsai. One project involved the development of an amino acid and herbal extract that detoxified and lowered blood alcohol level to legal limits following moderate inebriation, Carlsbad, California.

     Investigative research with Dr. Soman Abraham, Duke University Medical Center; concerning Mast Cells, tissue regeneration and wound management, Durham, North Carolina. 

     Proposed project for stroke rehabilitation apparatus in conjunction with Columbia University Computer Engineering Dept. with Mathematics Professor Dr. Daniel Port.

     Developed Complimentary Medicine Pre and Post Surgical treatment protocol for Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Physicians and Associated Health Professional involved in patient recovery and pre-Op treatment regimens, Beverly Hills, California.

     Development of Joint Cardiology Integrated Health Protocol for Pericarditis and Hypertension following bypass surgery for Northern California’s Sutter Hospitals with Dr. Mark Winchester FACP, Sacramento, California.

     United States Pharmacopoeia Monograph Contributor for “St. John’s Wort-Hypericum.”

     REBA International: Involved in Western Medical Equipment exportation and worked on Joint US/Shandong Health Ministry project to set up physician research center with Dr. Robert Bowden, Leucadia, California.

     Development of acupuncture based energetic psychotherapy for relationship issues (pending divorce, mother and daughter, or enhancing intimacy) called “Shunpo Balancing.” Directly connects acupuncture points between individuals to facilitate greater communication and energetic balance through bypass of mental and emotional impediment, Beverly Hills, California 

     Developed herbal formulation that resulted in the successful remission of Hepatitis C, Beverly Hills, California

     Developed “Accelerated Osteoblast Migration Protocol” using acupuncture and phytoceuticals. Due to surgical trauma impediment in bone growth and multiple attempts at metallic stabilization implant, natural and ordered recovery was facilitated in approximately one month, Beverly Hills, California.

     Member of Joint Sports Medicine Committee for U.S. National Weightlifting and Power Lifting teams.

     Developed and tested prophylactic and enhancement protocol for Elite Long Distance Cyclist champion Cindy Staiger, as well as co-created endurance formula used by former Green Beret and member of the American Eco-Challenge Team, Carlsbad, California.


    “Treatment of Hip Pain Due to Soft Tissue Lesions, Bursitis and Tendonitis by Five-Needle Deep Tissue    Stimulation.” (1997). American Journal of Acupuncture. Preliminary Report. 25, 109-113. 

     Quoted in Daryn Eller’s Power Up: 101 Ways to Boost Your Energy. 

     Quoted in Bennings Magazine: Health and Fitness.

     Quoted in numerous magazine articles in Prime Health and Fitness.  


     Host for National Internet Health Talk Show: Access Health


    “Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Sports Medicine.” Presented for Japanese Institute of Sports Medicine, UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, California. 

    “Sexuality and Bio-Energetics.”  Presented for the City of Hope Social Group, Santa Monica, California and Los Angeles, California.

    “Anti Aging.” Presented at the Felis Mayhood Senior Center and National Senior Organization-OASIS, Los Angeles, California.

    “Integration of Eastern and Western Medicine.” Presented for the UCLA Nursing Department, Los Angeles, California.

    “Utilization and Integration of Oriental Medicine in Cancer Treatment and Research.” Presented at the John Wayne Institute, Los Angeles, California. 


•	Associate Instructor and Clinical Supervisor, Anatomy and Physiology, Golden State Business College (Academy of Professional Careers), San Diego, California.

    Associate Instructor, Extracts and Tinctures and Herbal Safety, Academic Services International, San Diego, California. 


•	 Pilot and Aviation Crew Treatment Proposal, Los Angeles, California
•	 Business Person Health and Performance Maintenance Protocol for frequent and International Travel, Los Angeles,    California.

•	 Alternative Clinical Integrative Psychotherapy (ACIP), 
	 Los Angeles, California. 

•	 Exclusive VIP Hospitality Acupuncture, Los Angeles, California. 
•	 Creative Signature Treatment Consultation, Luxury Spas,
	 Malibu, California. 

•	 Designing Alternative Treatment Protocol for Lyme Disease, 
	 Santa Monica, California. 


     Extensive education and research sabbaticals including the study and understanding of traditional ritual and healing therapies for the mind, spirit and body. Lived and interacted with monks, healers, medicine men, and tribal elders throughout the world. Travels include; Scandinavia (polar circle), Russia, Europe, Eastern Block Countries, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Jamaica, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, South Pacific, Nepal, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia...

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