Chinese Acupuncture

Chinese Acupuncture tends to use a variety of needle sizes, stronger stimulation, and tends to create a more noticeable “de-qi”{pronounced duh chee} sensation.(“de-qi” is the feeling that occurs due to the energy’s arrival caused by needle stimulation)  

  Without a stimulus strong  enough to redirect us back to balance, we are prone to feel nothing is happening. Chinese Acupuncture addresses the burden of western culture - the miasma of sensorial gluttony.

  Researchers have found that people living in the West generally have a much lower pain tolerance than Asian people. In China, patients have a saying “no Yen without sensation” and thus, if strong needle technique is not employed, many times patients feel they are not receiving any benefit from the treatment. 

  In the West, there is a common misunderstanding as to the sensation of “Qi”. “Qi” is not painful and many times can provide a powerful and rapid shift in a patient’s state both physically, emotionally and psychologically.
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Fluorescent magnetic nano-particles were used to reveal Acupuncture Meridians and Points using stereo-microscopes.
Original needles used for minor surgery and Acupuncture Therapy.
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