The Chinese have used points on the ear to treat disease for thousands of years. In the 1950’s, French researcher Dr. Paul Nogier mapped a “micro-system” of the entire body on the ear, superimposing an inverted fetus over its anatomical structure.
Based on this representation, the ear lobe represents the head. The feet are towards the top and the body is in between. The outer edge of the ear corresponds to the back as if inverted in the womb. Looking in a mirror or at a friend you will see the image take form. The raised ridge represents the spinal vertebrae and the internal organs are located in the innermost part of the ear.
In the 1950’s Dr. Paul Nogier discovered that cauterization of points on the ear alleviated sciatic pain.  In time he developed a western based interpretation and scientific reasoning supporting why Auricular (ear) therapy could effect change in the body. 

Today auricular therapy is being utilized at New York’s Lincoln Hospital Drug Rehabilitation in conjunction with the New York Justice System as a program for incarcerated addicts (See Korean Hand Therapy for more in-depth explanation of “ micro-systems” or link to
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Dr. Paul Nogier
The Vagus Nerve, the only part of the body that the Vagus nerve can be accessed externally is the ear (auricular).
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